As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.
         -- C. G. Jung Memories, Dreams & Reflections, 1962

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Venue Policy
St. Francis Springs Prayer Center
477 Grogan Rd, Stoneville, NC 27048

Below is a summary of St. Francis Springs Prayer Center Policy for Attendees.


The Staff at the Center thanks you for helping them maintain the peaceful, beautiful environment of St. Francis Springs and the safety of all attendees!


  • St. Francis Springs Prayer Center is a non-smoking facility -- this includes the unauthorized use of incense, or smudging.

  • It's VERY important that Silence be maintained at all times on the residential hallway and in the chapel, (except during services).*

  • Please, do not move furniture (except for chairs) without the permission of a staff person. This applies to your meeting rooms, residential rooms, and the public areas of the Center.

  • Fires in the fireplace may only be started and maintained by a staff person.

  • Please do not put your feet on couches, chairs, or tables.

  • Please do not go into the kitchen without the permission of a staff person. If you need ice or utensils from the kitchen, please ask a staff person to help you.

  • Please do not bring food or beverages in the chapels or the small meditation room.

  • If you want to hike the trails, please take a map from the front desk, and stay on the marked trails. It is also suggested you take a cell phone and the number for the Prayer Center which is 336-573-3751.

  • Candles cannot be left unattended for any period of time – please extinguish them when you leave the room. (Please note: in order to secure the safety of the building and participants, only program leaders may use candles, if permitted at all, and that in accord with Conference policy).

  • Please help us conserve energy by turning out the lights in your meeting space, the chapel, and residential rooms when not in use.


* (For those, unaccustomed to keeping silence (It's just in the residential wing hallway.), we will explain its value at the conference.)


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