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... we have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.       -- C. G. Jung, The Symbolic Life, 1953 

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St. Francis Springs Center
Stoneville, NC
477 Grogan Rd, Stoneville, NC 27048
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Each guest room has a private bath and all linens are supplied. The rooms are configured with either multiple twin beds or a queen bed and a twin bed. A few rooms have three twin beds.





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Those who are staying at the Baymont Inn (link opens to their site in a new tab)   may want to arrange to ride-share for the beginning and end of each day (see Ride-share forum).  Approximately 20 minutes from the Conference Site location (Point A below) to  Baymont Inn  (point B below).

On Friday and Saturday mornings and evenings, we will run a both a Pre-breakfast shuttle and an evening shuttle to and from the Motel to the Retreat Center and back after the evening social, so everyone can participate without having to drive after enjoying the evening parties.






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