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Thank you for Registering for the Moving Toward Wholeness Conference. Make your selection(s) below and then proceed to ‘Checkout’ when done to finalize the online payment.  


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On-Site Conference Rate – CLOSED

On-site Lodging at St. Francis Center for the Moving Toward Wholeness Conference.   Currently filled up.  Select this only if you have connected with someone looking for a room-mate at St. Francis Center, have their name and provided it on the Registration Form.

Price: $568.00

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Off-Site Conference Registration

Registration for the Moving Towards Wholeness Conference.  I’ll be lodging off-site.    I have the choice of also adding the breakfast option at the St. Francis Center (the Venue location) for an additional fee if I so desire. (make sure to add it to cart before check-out).

Price: $280.00

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Off-Site Lodging Lodging Breakfast Option at Venue

The 3-day Breakfast package at St. Francis Springs is available for an additional $16.50 for off-site Lodging attendees.  (Please note: the picture is generic and may not represent the actual breakfast offering of a particular day.)

Price: $16.50

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If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help support the work of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation, which hosts Journey Conferences,  you will be sent a record of your donation for your taxes. Donations  apply to Foundation mission objectives which may include, but are not restricted to, Journey Conference scholarships.

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Other Payments

Use this item to make other payments.  Fill in the dollar amount below then click “add to cart”.   Disregard the word “Donation” (That just helps the shopping cart what to charge at final PayPal check-out.)

Remember, you don’t need to have a Paypal account to make purchase. If you want to make a purchase with your debit or  credit card instead, you can simply utilize the 2nd link on right hand side at the Paypal check-out page.  Follow this graphic for assistance (click to make larger).


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